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We’re delighted to announce that you can now purchase the same great hot tubs that we use for prices you won’t believe are true. Our partnership with RotoSpa, the only manufacturer of hot tubs in the UK allows you to benefit from an unbeatable price on some of the most popular spas available. Jam packed with the latest technology such as the 360-degree massage jets, ambient 4 colour LED mood lighting and ultra-efficient energy consumption, you won’t find a better deal anywhere in Yorkshire.

Prices from £17.65 a Week!

An Orbis Spa can be yours for just £17.65 a week.

Don’t adjust your PC or smartphone, purchase prices really do start from £17.65 a week. To put it another way, a fabulous hot tub can be yours for the sort of outlay you’d expect to pay for the latest smartphone contract. These rates make owning a hot tub more affordable than it has ever been. To do this the spa is financed over a period of 2 to 5 years depending on your budget. Even better, you can order a brand new hot tub and have it delivered and installed without paying a deposit.

Discover More Today

To get all the facts and learn more about this great incentive, please visit our Hot Tubs on Finance page. Alternatively, you can speak to a trained hot tub professional today on 01924 600290.

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